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Aggie Research Scholars Program and Aggie Research Leadership Program


This form is for graduate and postdoctoral fellows.


  • Be a graduate student or postdoctoral fellow
  • Recruit 3-8 undergraduates to form a research team
  • Submit an Aggie Research Leadership Registration Form (i.e., this form)
  • Obtain approval from a Faculty Mentor to create a team


You may update information at any time by returning to this form. Completed forms will be forwarded to your Faculty Mentor to approve your participation prior to posting on the Aggie Research Project webpage. Any team members you identify to join your team will be sent their own registration form by email. The online project page will indicate how many additional undergraduates you wish to recruit. If you add any new members, it is important that you use this form to update information as soon as possible so the public status of your project can be updated.

Ensure that you are logged in with your Texas A&M Google account. If you are logged in with another Google account, this link will not work.

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