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Aggie Research Scholars Program and Aggie Research Leadership Program


The Research-Intensive Community model was developed at Texas A&M to bring together faculty with active research programs, graduate students and postdoctoral fellows seeking leadership experience, and undergraduates seeking research opportunities. Unlike traditional 1-on-1 research apprenticeship, research is performed in multilevel teams, and each team engages in a collaborative research project guided by a faculty mentor. A graduate student or postdoctoral fellow acts as a team leader that cultivates an effective team of undergraduates. By integrating research and education, this approach promotes mutually-beneficial partnerships amongst practicing researchers and students.

A Texas A&M Tier One Program supported by OGAPS and LAUNCH has created the Aggie Research Leadership Program for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows and the Aggie Research Scholars Program for undergraduates. It partners with colleges to guide team leader meetings that develop and disseminate effective mentoring and management practices based on guidelines set by the national Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching and Learning (CIRTL).