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Aggie Research Scholars Program and Aggie Research Leadership Program

For Undergraduates

Aggie Research Scholars Program for Undergraduates

Participation in authentic research is one of the highest-impact experiences undergraduate students can obtain, and is increasingly recognized by employers and admissions committees as a valuable indicator of future success. Unlike the traditional 1-on-1 research apprenticeship, Aggie Research Scholars perform research in teams led by an experienced graduate student or postdoctoral fellow. Team Leaders benefit from recruiting diverse members with complementary talents, skills, backgrounds, and interests. Because authentic research projects can last years, underclassmen are usually recruited to replace graduating seniors. Those who develop growing interest and talent for research often continue multiple semesters, taking on greater responsibility for research and mentorship of new team members.


  • Gain valuable research experience in a multidisciplinary team
  • Develop opportunities to produce publishable research
  • Network with practicing scholars and secure professional references
  • Earn certification as an Aggie Research Scholar

To join the program, prospective participants must:

  • Be an undergraduate student (any major or classification)
  • Be selected by a Team Leader

To earn certification as an Aggie Research Scholar, participants must:

  • Participate for at least one semester (or Summer Session)
  • Attend weekly team meetings
  • Submit weekly progress reports
  • Complete pre- and post-program evaluations


Review Current Projects to find opportunities that align with your interests, professional goals, and availability.  Contact a Team Leader to learn more about a project and explore joining the team. If selected as a new team member by the Team Leader, you will be notified by email and provided a registration form. Team Leaders may incorporate you into their teams at any time, although most students join before the start of a semester.