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Aggie Research Scholars Program and Aggie Research Leadership Program

For Grad Students and Postdocs

Aggie Research Leadership Program

The success of junior faculty increasingly hinges on the ability to mentor groups of students with diverse skills, experiences and perspectives, while simultaneously managing them to produce interdisciplinary research. Similarly, holders of graduate degrees in industry are called upon to manage and mentor multidisciplinary teams. Although mentoring and management are critical career skills, the vast majority of graduate students and postdoctoral fellows lack relevant experience upon graduation. However, partnering with multidisciplinary teams of undergraduates seeking research experience dramatically increases leadership opportunities. Graduate students and postdoctoral fellows are selected by their Faculty Mentors to lead a team of undergraduates and engage in a collaborative research project. Team Leaders periodically meet to discuss challenges they face managing teams to produce publishable research. In Team Leader meetings, experienced faculty facilitators assist the development process by helping team leaders construct strategies for increasing productivity by becoming better mentors that support undergraduate engagement and reflection.


  • Gain mentoring and management experience for industry and academic careers
  • Increase your research productivity
  • Network with leaders in research who can provide professional references
  • Earn certification as an Aggie Research Leader

To join the program, prospective Team Leaders must:

  • Be a graduate student or postdoctoral fellow
  • Submit an Aggie Research Leadership Registration Form
  • Obtain approval from a Faculty Mentor to create a team
  • Recruit 3-8 undergraduates to form a research team
    • Recruitment can be done prior to forming your project, or done once the project is posted to the website with open spots on the team

To earn certification as an Aggie Research Leader, Team Leaders must:

  • Participate for at least one semester (or Summer Session)
  • Conduct weekly meetings with their research team
  • Attend monthly Team Leader Meetings
  • Complete weekly program evaluations
  • Document the development of a Best Practice for team leadership


See the updated "Registration" tab on this website to register as a team leader and create a project.